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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Most people know to clean their lint screens after each use of their dryer. However, sometimes cleaning beyond the removable trap is necessary for optimal safety conditions. Keeping your home safe from potential danger is critical, and a dirty dryer vent can pose a serious risk. Nick Rivers provides comprehensive dryer vent cleaning services in Pasadena, Maryland, and the surrounding region.

Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

Clothes Taking Too Long to Dry

All dryers work differently, and some can take longer to get clothes and other materials dry. However, if you notice your clothes are taking longer than usual to get completely dry, you may need to have a dryer vent cleaning service take a look. When laundry is still damp after 45 minutes or more for an average-sized load, this could mean a clogged, dirty dryer vent.

Burning Smells

It is always critical to make sure you are cleaning your lint screen thoroughly between uses of your dryer. However, lint can also build up in your dryer vent. Any unusual odors in your laundry room that smell like burning could signal a problem. If you notice this, lint could be stuck in your dryer vent, which means increased fire risk, as lint is very flammable. If you notice a burning smell, stop using your dryer and contact Nick Rivers immediately.

Dryer Stops Working

If your dryer has shut off and won’t work like normal, this may mean it detects too much heat. Some dryers – especially newer ones – have built-in safety mechanisms that signal dangerously high heat levels by shutting down. It is possible that your dryer vent needs cleaning if this occurs.

Laundry is Hot to the Touch

Your laundry is, of course, supposed to be warm when it comes out of the machine. Sometimes, it might even be a bit hot, especially on a high heat cycle. However, if you’ve noticed it is extremely hot or hotter than it usually is when it comes out, the dryer could be overheating due to restricted air flow or lint in the duct. It is best to have a dryer vent cleaning expert come take a look and make sure your dryer vent is in safe working order before using your dryer again.

Our Anne Arundel and Howard County Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

At Nick Rivers, we offer comprehensive Anne Arundel County and Howard County dryer vent servicing at competitive rates. We plan around you to ensure minimal disruption to your regular schedule while ensuring your dryer vent is clean and safe for use.

A clogged dryer vent is an unnecessary risk that can jeopardize your neighbors, your home, and your family. Professional dryer vent cleaning is the best way to afford yourself some peace of mind and ensure your dryer is safe to use at all times.

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