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We are not a franchise with only one gutter cover solution. We have five technologies to satisfy each need and budget.

One of Our Favorite Gutter Guards: Leaf Relief

Debris Resistance Evaluation Rating for gutter protection is a measure of a product's ability to prevent debris from entering into a gutter. Pollen particles are assigned a value of 100, grains of sand (120 microns in size) are assigned a value of 80, fir needs a value of 60.

The Debris Resistance Evaluation Rating System

Ratings below 40.

Indicates that a product may readily allow materials and organisms as large as white pine needles, oak tassels, medium and small leaves as well as mosquitoes, wasps, and flies into your gutter. There is an undeniable risk that these products may allow gutter clogs (and serve as insect nests).

Products rated between 30 and 40.

May reduce the number of occasions a gutter needs to be unclogged, but the risk of clogs is ever present. especially if there are more than a few trees in the vicinity.

Ratings below 30.

Indicates that a gutter cover may readily allow snakes, lizards, mice, and birds into your gutter. It IS possible that some of these listed critters may try to take up residence in a gutter that has a "roof" (like a reverse curve hood) over it.

The leaf bar indicates* a product's ability www.nikehuarache.nl to block various sizes of organic debris. 100% efficiency, on a Debris Resistance Evaluation chart, would mean a gutter protector could keep pollen sized particles out of a gutter while still remaining 100% water permeable. Although Leaf Relief is highly resistant to clogging, no system outside of nature is completely maintenance free.

*Source: Architectural Testing

Gutter Cover Comparison Chart*

Inst. Price
GutterGuard™ riveted or screwed to the front lip of the gutter and roof. available for 5" and 6" gutters.
High Flow™ allows rain water to flow freely 5" and 6" .024 aluminum. $18-24/foot
Leaf Relief Low profile cover system. Easy to maintain. Best overall value. Proven effective against leaves, twigs, pine needles and small debris. $13-15/foot**
LeafFilter™ wire mesh filtration system. $22-30/foot
GutterHelmet™ helmet-style cover system. riveted or screwed to the front lip of the gutter and roof. Low curb appeal. $18-20/foot
LeafGuard™ whole gutter system. $25-30/foot
WaterFall™ Budget system preferred by roofing companies. Easily penetrated, ineffective, difficult and expensive to service $12-15/foot
WaterLoov™ Low curb appeal, easily penetrated, difficult and expensive to service $19-22/foot
 *Based on competitor survey, customer experience and
   professional opinion.

 **Nick Rivers pricing.


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Top Rated by Independent Consumer Firm
Fully Insured
License # MHIC 130615